Quadalajara: The Utopia That Once Was - a book by Jack Tumidajski - A history of the paraplegic and quadriplegic men and women who rediscovered life in Mexico's second largest city
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XX "Thank you for your book.  My wife and I both enjoyed it.  Thanks for all the kind things you said about my uncle, Ray Foland. He was my idol! Now, I know even more about what a great man he was."

Wheaton, IL

"Interesting book.  Jack is one of my clients and he shared some of this with us as he was writing it Many of the veterans living in Guadalajara during those years are guys that I know today (or knew before they passed away), so it was an interesting read. Certainly shows a different picture of life in Mexico following Vietnam for SCI veterans than was shown in "Born on the Fourth of July."


"Jack Tumidajski came to Guadalajara in 1972. He spoke no Spanish and knew almost nothing about the area.  He just knew Mexico represented independence, freedom, and a great change to meet some dark-eyed senoritas. Do you think you've heard this story before? Not from this perspective..."

Alex Gesheva
Guadalajara Reporter

Buddy from NY ('70), Jack from RI ('72), Tom from MN ('63), Bill from OR ('58), and JoAnn from MN ('64) enjoy a typical day in paradise.
Jack working on the book
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